The objective is the creation of new techniques, our products improvement and the exploration of new raw materials.


To guarantee the quality of our products, strictly respecting the current regulations of Quality and Legislation.



For the application of systems and leading edge technology, always considering the constant technological innovation.

General Cereals

It was founded in 1994 with the idea of including cereals in the Argentinian breakfast, providing its benefits for the health and wellness.
In August 2014, General Cereals was bought by the Group Georgalos, achieving the perfect joint of both enterprises, having a rigorous quality control from the beginning to the end for its products.
NUTRIFOOD, its main brand, brings diversified proposals : in bulk and in cereal family packs of all kinds: rings, sweetened flakes, cereal balls,granola.
Other big companies trust in General Cereals production processes, with its regular audits, for their own products.
The objective of the company is to continue opening up new markets doing it conscious of the importance of the cereals in the breakfast and in the Argentinian diet.
Nowadays, General Cereals, is already exporting its products to countries like Chile, Colombia,Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Republica Dominicana, Bolivia, Peru, Panama and EEUU among others.